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Magazine award WHAT CAR? "BEST-wheel drive car in 2010" WINS LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 4.

Land Rover Discovery 4 - new generation of the famous model - was awarded the magazine What Car? "The best all-wheel drive 2010».

Despite the tough competition with cars like the Mercedes ML, BMW X5 and Lexus RX450h, beautifully designed Land Rover Discovery 4 won a landslide victory in the premium What Car?, Revealing itself in all its splendor.

Discovery 4 is equipped with an advanced high-performance diesel engine with twin turbo LR-TDV6 3.0 and demonstrates its class-leading torque of 600nm and high fuel economy of 9.3 l/100km.

Steve Fowler (Steve Fowler), editor of What Car?: «With the recent large-scale renovation, Discovery shone brighter than ever ... It is the ability to meet any requirements that makes it so attractive. Along with comfort, practicality and versatility, this car is a real SUV with high traffic. When you realize how many different machines are connected in a Discovery, there is an overwhelming desire to possess them ».

Phil Popham (Phil Popham), Managing Director, Land Rover added: "We are incredibly proud that Discovery 4 has received this award. Incomparable car Discovery 3 has won more than 100 prizes, including - the coveted award from What Car? in the "Car of the Year" in 2005. However, we have found a way to improve almost every detail of Discovery 4, resulting in a new, stunning, prestigious car ».

In addition, Range Rover TDV8 Vogue was the winner in the category «Best Buy with a price range from 60,000 to 100,000 euros." Steve Fowler said: "Car of the Range Rover is not afraid of any road - even one that is not dare to leave a real tank. Thus it is an excellent alternative luxury sedan: as in his handling, and quality ».

This and other awards in the 2009 Land Rover symbolizes entry into the new year, in which the success of the brand continues. From Defender to secure the coveted Range Rover - Land Rover has overcome difficult market conditions for all year received awards.

Presentation of the updated model range, including numerous new technologies, combined with a variety of options to improve engine power, ensured the success of the famous British brands around the world.

Discovery 4 continues to lead in their field. In addition to the awards magazine What Car? "The best all-wheel drive in 2010", he has received many prestigious awards in just a few months of sales. These include two awards Caravan Club, premium 4x4 Magazine «Car of the Year" and the «Scottish Car of the Year». Then international recognition was reinforced by such awards as: "The best all-wheel drive" from the Spanish magazine Car and Driver, «Best SUV of the Year" by the Chinese Autocar, as well as the "SUV of the Year" by the U.S. Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, the long-term success of the legendary Defender was confirmed rewards Audience «Reader Award» magazine What Car? in 2009. The car was chosen from more than 250 others.

Most recently, Range Rover has been named Car of the Decade, as voted www.autocar.co.uk.

Range Rover Sport has received an award from the German publication Auto Motor und Sport as the "most beautiful car" and the Range Rover - the award Car & Driver magazine in China.

Was left without awards and Freelander 2, was awarded "Best Compact SUV 'by Auto Express Awards and in ecology from the German magazine Off Road for a new intellectual technology Stop/Start Freelander on a manual transmission.

"The brand Land Rover is at an altitude of more than ever. Our cars are leading in many segments in which they are presented. Obtaining such a large number of awards, not only in the UK but also in Australia, South Africa, China, Iceland, Russia and the United States - is a testament to the quality of each of our vehicle lineup, - says Phil Popham. - And it is these qualities proved invaluable in the complex crisis situation that manufacturers face in the UK and around the world over the past few weeks ».

Thanks to the new 2010 model year vehicles already represented in showrooms now, and many other interesting developments planned for the future, this year promises to be just as intense as for the Land Rover, and for its customers and dealer networks.

Source Independence - Land Rover

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