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Jaguar: 75 years of progress

This year, Jaguar is celebrating its anniversary - 75 years, during which time the company has been moving forward, creating vehicles, represents the most advanced technology, leadership in design and sporting performance.

Mike O'Driscoll (Mike O'Driscoll), Managing Director, Jaguar Cars: «This year we remember our past and pay tribute to the 75 years of the car, is the art of the automotive industry. We are also proud to look to the future, introducing a completely new XJ. Over the past 3 years, we have completely updated the entire range of Jaguar, bringing out three new beautiful and fast car ».

A few years ago it was decided to update the brand Jaguari change the entire model line. Beginning of modernization began in 2008, when it was presented to a whole new XF, won many awards. This four-door five-seater hatchback coupe has the look and the heart of a sports car. In 2009, the updated XK (Coupe and Convertible), which can rightly be called one of the most gorgeous models in the world Grand Tourismo. And in 2010, starts selling the new XJ, which combines all the latest Jaguar.

Mike O'Driscoll added: "In developing our new model, we will continue the tradition of William Lyons, who founded a company that became known for creating technologically advanced, always original and breathtaking cars».

Ian Callum (Ian Callum), Design Director Jaguar: «For the next 75 years we will remember and respect the traditions of the past 75 years of design, while expanding the boundaries of new technology, luxury and sporting style. Build cars, which makes the design turn around, cars, on the power of breathtaking - that is what was most important to the brand over the years.

A real work of art, it must pass the test of time, being themselves, no matter what the fashion trends. Many of the cars Jaguar and still are as iconic as they were at the time of its introduction. Jaguar has always followed the philosophy - to create beautiful fast cars.

Looking at the current XK, XFi completely new XJi turning our gaze to the future, we plan to continue our development and set new records - not only in styling, but also in the premium design as a whole ».

William Lyons (William Lyons), in 1922 he founded SwallowSidecars, which in the 1920s and 30 years specializing in the production of cars and carriages for motorcycles. In 1935, before the release of the new car market SS100, William Lyons decided to change the company name more recognizable. After consulting with his advertising agency, he chose the name Jaguar , and a new SS100 became the world's first car Jaguar.

Name Jaguar was the perfect choice: it reflects the grace inherent in the cat, and elegance, as well as the power and flexibility that distinguish the brand new cars from all others. William Lyons once said that "the car - it is the living that can only be created by man." This idea is firmly stood the test of time. The new title appears brand philosophy that accompanied all the cars produced later.

During these years, Jaguar has created a truly legendary cars, famous throughout the world. XK120, introduced in the late 1940s, became a sensation and the most luxurious sports cars of the time. Appear later in the race CTypei DTypelidirovali road racing in 1950. E-Type, released on the market in the early 1960s, has been voted the most beautiful car ever created and defined the design of a generation. Jaguar has always been famous for its sports cars, but the company made and legendary sedans, for example, Mark II in the early 1960s, or the famous line of XJ.

During this anniversary year of the Jaguar will be celebrating its 75th anniversary by participating in the most luxurious car events around the world: in the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and Revival in the UK, U.S. and ConcoursD'EleganceatPebbleBeachv Mille Miglia classic in Italy. In addition, Jaguar returned to the race track with his new Jaguar RSR XKR GT2 and will take part in the American Le Mans Series.

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