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The most powerful diesel SUV


title of the most powerful of the Touareg SUV turned to the Q7

car reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 5.5 seconds and its top speed is 250 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption is 11.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

machines installed on the engine, the new system of direct injection Bosch Common Rail, which feeds fuel into the combustion chamber at a pressure of 2 thousand bars. Unlike other diesel V-shaped engines have developed for the Audi Q7 modified drive unit increased angle of the cylinder block. Here it is 60 degrees.

Outwardly, the car can be distinguished by larger air intake and integrated into the rear bumper pipe exhaust system, said AutoPravda.

The new series engine produced in the Hungarian plant in the city Giyor. In the development, particular attention was paid to its unification with the family of the modern V-shaped 6 -, 8 - and 10-cylinder engines Audi.

Due to the length of 684 mm, this large diesel engine is very compact, it is only 166 mm longer than the engine V8 TDI. This compact was an important prerequisite for the successful installation of V12 in the Audi Q7.

Source: www.4w4.ru

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