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Fifth International Automobile Exhibition «Salon Car-4WD SALON 2008» in the new format!

in April 2008 in the 5 th time the International Exhibition Agency IFA will hold the popular exhibition «Salon car» - 4WD SALON.

created with the direct participation of the largest manufacturers of ideological-wheel-drive vehicles, the exhibition was originally focused exclusively on the interested audience of true fans of the benefits of cars with all wheel drive.

Over the years the exhibition has established itself as a pioneer of the exhibition industry in Russia, each year, offering exhibitors and visitors of new items to help you use the project more effectively. Salon Organizer, International Exhibition Agency IFA, for the first time Russia has offered to participants and visitors Off-test-drive to compare the characteristics of cars and the convenience of potential buyers, who have traditionally been only for this exhibition. As part of the Salon was the first prize of «cross the year», is also now a significant event in the automotive life in Russia. Have competitions for rally-raid, trial, demonstration of the full drive - all this has become an integral part of the activities 4WD SALON.

Continuing the tradition of development, the International Exhibition Agency IFA, having experience in various exhibitions at the highest level, from year to year, trying to do their part in the exhibition projects as efficiently as possible, including the cost to participants each potential buyer. And for the exhibition of 2008 offers a new format for the Russian market participation. Successfully tested, and won the support of the largest automobile manufacturers in the automotive world for a unique exhibition of supercars and exclusive cars TOP MARQUES in Monaco by our British partners.

This format requires a design exhibition stands for the whole exhibition, focusing on products and services provided, rather than on the design of the stand.

Unified design design exhibit, a visiting show-room dealer center, decorated with the logo of the manufacturer and vendor, will not only provide the benefits and the relationship to the client, but would eliminate the problems associated with construction, alignment and design exhibition as well as significant savings spent on participation in the exhibition means to most effectively provide its advantages, especially for focusing on personal service automobile holdings and dealers.

Exhibition «Salon Car 2008» will take place from 24 to 27 April in the IEC «Crocus Expo».



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