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Land Rover Freelander - the new version semimestnaya SUV

Coming range of Land Rover join new modification of second-generation Freelander SUV - with semimestnym body. Or rather to say that modernization will only showroom, where the sex the luggage compartment will be hidden by two chairs placed, and the body without changes.

Manual Land Rover has made this move because of the competition, but because of company Peugeot. That is about to begin deliveries of the new crossover semimestnogo 4007, and semimestnaya Chevrolet Captiva has already been sold. Moreover, a Freelander a long body and a roomy trunk - 1670 liters, so that No significant alterations to produce a version with seven seats does not required. Semimestny Land Rover Freelander presumably appears on the market within 18 months. Technical specifications of the vehicle will be as the five versions.

Source: www.4w4.ru

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