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Before the thirtieth "Dakar"

Currently in the United Arab Emirates hosts the World Cup final phase of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) road rally «Call desert». So far, the question of who get honorary trophy remains open - it could hypothetically win three more pilots. But the intrigue remained rather not thanks, but despite the changes made avtosportivnymi officials in the calendar and rules ety series. Addressing counting points, it was possible to assume that, in theory, the seven riders had a chance to bypass the current leadership of Carlos Sayntsa. But amendments to the rules 27.06.07 clarify that the team was to participate «in at least three stages of the Cup». But this condition was feasible only for the two crews. So what of the real pretenders only three - Frenchman Luc Alfan, Brazilian Paulo Nobre and Spaniard Saynts. After the first ad hoc station in Abu Dhabi on balance inclined to favor Alfana (Misubishi), almost four minutes ahead Sayntsa (Volkswagen) - they are respectively the second and fifth places. A leading driver of Qatar Nasser Al Atiya (BMW). Crew Champions Russia Leonid Novitsky - Oleg Tyupenkina (Mitsubishi) yet takes 14 th position. But for them, and for the team «KAMAZ-Master», the race - especially training before the thirtieth anniversary «Dakar».

Source: Journal of "OFF-ROAD DRIVE"

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