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19 May 2007 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" is held the 2 nd stage of the Championship of Russia in the jeep trial

19 May 2007 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" is held the 2 nd stage of the Championship of Russia in the jeep trial. The essence of competition is to overcome unimaginable obstacles to conventional SUVs, built of concrete structures. As a result of struggle won crew Anton Filimonov - Alexei Lutsk. Both pilots are equally worthy of victory, because they control the machine at the same time - one ТХМЙФ front wheels, while the second - the rear!

Jeep trial - so the competition to overcome obstacles. This is - the youngest and the most spectacular motor sport discipline. Athletes compete in Europe long ago, and since 1999 European Championship is held every year, with participation of athletes from 17 countries worldwide. Last year, our athletes for the first time took part in this pan-European competition. In Russia, a jeep-trial regularly since 2001, and in a separate type of competition jeep trial turned in 2003 when he was the first championship of Russia.

Jeep trial - this is a competition to overcome obstacles. Each obstacle is marked by the so-called «gate». The gate consists of two cones, and the challenge of an athlete - to pass between the cones, as far as possible try not to hook. All gates are designated numbers in the order in which athletes have to perform. If you are not able to pass the gate, the crew has no right to attack the next gate. Each error penaliziruetsya penalty points. Wins the one who gets fewer demerit points and with equal someone who has spent the least time on the passing track. It attacked the gate is estimated at 250 points, whipped cone - 25 points, and each roll - 1 penalty point. If the machine is jammed or turned over, shall be counted from the denial of further passage section, which is estimated at 500 demerit points. The peculiarity of the competition is that the track surface is a very broken terrain, natural or synthetic origin. In the championship of Russia is mainly used by the artificial route.

organizer of this phase of the championship Russia - «Team LRA» together with the Moscow club 4x4 and Crocus Expo. This is known as two-time champion of Russia on the trophy-raids in the team classification, as the team champion Russia for the rally-raids Borisa Gadasina as the organizer of the two stages of the Championship of Russia on the trophy-raids. And now - jeep trial. Getting ahead, I should say that the jeep trial they turned out!

in the Championship of Russia on the jeep-trial involved the strongest racers in the country specially prepared cars. This is a unique technique, which is in the hands of craftsmen capable of doing these miracles. In the event Crocus Expo has been held for the third time in the past it has attracted great attention of spectators and the press.

Athletes taking part in the second stage of the Championship of Russia in 2007 - are experienced racers, has participated in competitions at the highest level.

starting number 510 - the crew Yuri Samodurov and Vladimir Cazac serve on a unique machine, purchased from the champion of Norway. The car is called the Viking, and has no equivalent - it is equipped with a suspension that allows the machine to change the position of the love of four wheels. This all-wheel-managed, and each of them affects a brake! Yuri Samodurov - two-time champion of Russia 2003 and 2004. Vladimir Cazac, drive to the right place, the winner of many competitions on the jeep-trial, one of the most experienced pilots in the form of competitions.

starting number 502 - Anton Filimonov, an absolute champion of Russia in 2005, member of 2006 European Championship, the champion of Russia in 2004 in the class D2, Silver Championship Russia 2006. Speaker at the car, bought in Norway and by the best European specialists. This is a unique machine that has no analogues. In this unit, all-wheel-managed, and the navigator sitting in the car is not for beauty - it really does not pilot, but the driver of the rear axle!

starting number 501 - Gavinsky Vitaly acting absolute champion of Russia, he in a car Jeep, specially prepared in the United States for these competitions. Vitali was preparing the car and trained under the guidance of United States champion Dustin Vebstera. At the first stage of the championship Russia Vitaly took third place.

starting number 505 - the crew Scherbo Roman, Nicholas Slabuha from Moscow. Speakers at a specially prepared Jeep Rengler. The machine is prepared Roman Scherbovym own specially for the Championship of Russia. The car is equipped with gantry bridges of Unimoga and unique dlinnohodnoy suspension. He - the big wheels in the championship of Russia, the diameter of a meter!

starting number 503 - Schetitnin Sergey, silver prizewinner of the championship in 2005, bronze Championship 2006. Speaker of the domestic car UAZ 3171, trained in Russia in the city of Zelenograd. It's practically standard UAZ 3171 chassis fitted with a special room. The car UAZ 3171 - this is an experimental model Ulyanovtsami preparing for the replacement of normal UAZiku. The car is equipped with a bridge linking the external gearboxes, giving increased ground clearance, included forced mezhkolesnyh differential locks, and box with interaxle differential that allows use the full drive.

starting number 301 - Andrei Yegorov from Podmoskovny Odintsova in the field. This is a unique athlete, he is not in the Championship of Russia in his weight class - his car is prepared for competition in the lower grades, and only unique skill allows him to travel Andrei track, usually beyond the car this training! Andrei - silver prize-Cup of Russia on the jeep-trial in 2005.

starting number 411 - Zechevich Srdjan, Aleksey Garanin - crew presents technical sponsor the competition company Cyvas.Blagodarya support «Sivas General TreydLtd» and was built this trail.

Crew trophic car used to win the marshes and hlyabi, mud and impassable fords Russia for the championship trophy raid. Trofisty - people accustomed to driving on any surface and are not afraid of steep rises and descents, rocks and stones. In concrete, they were the first time. Srzhdan and Alexei - seriously guys, this year they have already won two races - Honduras trophy in Lipetsk and even emerged as winners trophy-raid «Kirovsk Bogs», the first stage of the championship of Russia in the trophy-raids.

Combating nerves

Despite the «show» actions occurred, the struggle for victory in the competition there was grave. The main challengers - the crew of Yuri Samodurova - Vladimir Kazakov and Anton Filimonov - Alexei Lutsk literally rode on the same points, conceding to each other just seconds. But second, as we already know, in the jeep trial does not decide everything - one mistake and you are immediately behind the competition ...

And so it went - in the first section of the crew Samodurova yielded two points in the second section of the glasses was able to equal, and in the third section Samodurov again allow a small mistake - the car does not fit into the turn just before the finish, almost upirayas in external enclosure. Forced astern, and two demerit points are the pedestal of winner! It must be said that these machines polnoupravlyaemye two leaders were almost nedostyagaemy, fight them on the machines, which turn the front wheels only is almost impossible. Nevertheless, the current absolute champion of Russia Vitaly Gavinsky showed such great skill that allow either of the two leaders pogrubee mistake - and Vitali in his last year's car would have intervened to split the first two places. Outcome: Winner - crew Anton Filimonov, Alexey Lutsk (both from Moscow), Yuri Samodurov second (Moscow) - Vladimir Kazakov (Tver), third Gavinsky Vitali (Moscow).

Trofisty on concrete.

first stage in the championship of Russia on the jeep-trial came to try the most experienced crews of the trophy-raids. And while fighting for the prizes they were impossible - all the cars produced there for the races on safari, not on concrete blocks, they have shown outstanding skill and composure. Organizers specifically identified a separate set for the crew, and they can feel a little excitement, fighting for the prizes among themselves. As a result of persistent struggle conquered crew Srgjan Zechevich - Aleksey Garanin (both from Moscow), representing the command Cyvas.

spectators who had free access to the competitions, were happy - they will be pleased wandered to the park, park and photographing the unusual machine trialistov and trofistov, watching wrestling and enjoy. Jeep-trial - a real feast for all: participants, spectators and fans.

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