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May 17 at 4WD SALON Annual National Prize "cross the year 2007."

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Official results of the Annual

professional automotive journalists Award

«cross the year 2007»

May 17, 2007 in «Crocus Expo», within the framework of exhibition «Salon-wheel-drive vehicles - 4 WD Salon», the ceremony of awarding the nominees Prize «cross the year 2007». The event attracted over 200 guests and media representatives.

Visitors met jazz band Lexicon Orchestra, served an easy swing. About the beginning of the ceremony, by tradition, declared the Executive Director Award Sergey clubhand. Exciting present and waiting for the nominees ... And now - declared the winner of the Prize «cross the year 2007» - 18 cars from 9 3 involved were the best SUV of the year.


Nomination « SUV» :

according to the «Professional Jury» - Volkswagen Touareg

according to the «grand jury» - Mercedes-Benz ML «Off-Road Pack»

Nomination «Full SUV» (it should be noted, the second consecutive year, the winners in this category do not hand over their positions):

«Professional Jury» - Toyota Land Cruiser VX100

«Big Jury» - Jeep Commander

Nomination «Full crossover»:

«professional jury»-BMW X5

«Big Jury» - Infinity FX

Nomination «crossover»:

«Professional Jury» - Land Rover Freelander 2

«Big Jury» - Honda C-RV

Nomination «Classic SUV»:

«Professional Jury» - Nissan Patrol

«Big Jury» - Land Rover Defender 110 (2006 - winner in the nomination «Classic SUV» according to the «professional jury»)

Nomination «Pickup»:

«Professional Jury» - Nissan Navara (a second year in a row, the professionals vote for the Nissan Navara, the best car in the nomination «Pickup»)

«Big Jury» - Mazda BT-50

Nomination «wagon-road»:

«Professional Jury» - Audi A6 Allroad

«Big Jury» - Subaru Legacy Outback (2006 - best car in the class of «universals-road» as in the opinion of a professional, and according to the «grand jury»)

Nomination «Premium Class» - both winners in this category will win a second consecutive year:

«Professional Jury» - Audi Q7

«Big Jury» - Range Rover Sport

Nomination «Premiere Year»:

«Professional Jury» - Nissan Qashqai

«Big Jury» - Mitsubishi Pajero IV

congratulated the winners at the ceremony by representatives of the journals «Playboy», «Autoworld», «Cars», «5Koleso», «Hunting and Fishing XXI century», «EVO», radio «CITY-FM», of «Aerogrupp».

And, of course, have been declared boast three major awards prizes - cars Chevrolet Niva, the keys of which personally handed Bayshah Konstantin (Director of Sales and Marketing CJSC «Gee-Em AvtoVAZ»). The total number of people who participated in the contest was 52,264. Of these, 7 3 54 - SMS-voting, 16219 - sent questionnaires by mail, 28,691 people - members of electronic voting system.

ceremony was held in a friendly atmosphere for covered banquet tables.

organizers are grateful to the guests, partners and sponsors of the awards ceremony nominees Annual premium professional automotive journalists «cross the year 2007» and congratulate the winners!

The general sponsor of the Prize - security-search complex V-Track

Official Sponsors - Tires Yokohama, Child Car Seat Kiddy, official distributor of winches Come Up - Company «Russian cars»

Main Prize Sponsor - JSC «GM - AvtoVAZ»

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