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New Dodge Nitro to stand Musa Motors!

Dodge «detonates» market for medium cars SUV, bringing to a model of Dodge Nitro

"As the first medium SUV for the brand, Dodge Nitro reflects persuasiveness, assertiveness and brightness brand Dodge ", - said Thomas Haouch (Thomas Hausch), Executive Director of Chrysler Group International Sales and Marketing. "In the absence of serious competition model Dodge Nitro has a design, engineering solutions and features that can attract Consumer and "shake up" the market medium car SUV ".

Dodge Nitro will be offered with several engines: two petrol (for Russia only 3.7 liters) and one diesel (2.8 liter. CRD). The new medium SUV has excellent driving characteristics and low fuel consumption, and well as equipment to ensure the competitiveness level of security and comfort. In addition, the spacious interior of the model Nitro is on the driver and four passengers, has innovative features for the treatment of control, it is easy to be converted according to the number of passengers and the nature of the goods.

high level of engineering solutions

power units of all versions of the new Dodge Nitro models provide acceleration, and good dynamic characteristics and vibration performance and shumonagruzhennosti.

in entry-level versions of the sports gradient is 4.0-liter gasoline engine V-6 with a top distribution shaft (SOHC), making version of Dodge Nitro R/T better among competitors in performance and power acceleration. (in Russia at the moment not included) V-shaped Six-cylinder engine with an angle of 60 degrees and the collapse of four valves per cylinder develops maximum power of 191 kW (260 hp on DIN) at 6000 min, and Maximum torque of 360 Nm (265 pound-force foot) at 4000 min. This engine is a further developed version of 3.5-liter engine, which used Chrysler cars in previous releases.

It is installed with five automatic gearbox which allows "manual" choice programs and bands in full automatic mode.

as the standard powerplant for the versions of Dodge Nitro SE and SXT used 3.7-liter gasoline engine V-6 SOHC, with high efficiency, reliability, and the best balance among the key competitors the maximum power and torque. This six V-type engine with an angle of 90 degrees of the finalized in order to increase torque at low rotational speed geniculate shaft, as well as reducing vibration and shumonagruzhennosti when idling. In addition, an additional reduction in fuel consumption by use of new exhaust gas recirculation. With two valves per cylinder engine develops maximum power of 151 kW (205 hp on DIN), with 5200 min and maximum torque of 314 Nm at 4000 min. At the maximum efficiency of this engine is, and four automatic gearbox that is installed with this engine.

offer versions with a completely new 2.8-liter turbodizelem system nutrition fuel "common-rail" (for Russia at the moment only version of SXT), which are expected to be very popular with European buyers. Created by VM Motori of the order of Dodge, this engine is a four cylinder engine is "Panther" CRD second generation capacity to 2768 cubic meters. cm, the two upper distribution shafts with belt drive and four valves per cylinder. He makes the version Dodge Nitro elementary level the most powerful, tyagovitoy and acceleration of major competitors.

Cars Dodge Nitro offered and Full-power transmission for ensure successful and safe movement on slippery surfaces and in bad weather, for example, while driving in heavy rain or by snow-covered road. (Russian version only available 4WD) The system NV143 plug the drive is complete without a box down transmission. Full power transmission can be used in two modes (the background Drive - 2WD and connect full drive - 4WD), allowing the distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels in a ratio of 50:50.

Dodge Nitro distinguish new spring independent front suspension and a new Five-spring rear suspension. The existence of an independent front suspension gives the driver the opportunity to just drive through the best feedback, and also provides good stability and control. Powerful, Five-arm rear suspension, with upper and lower longitudinal levers and reactive bar, provides higher lateral stiffness of suspension direction and the highest level of manageability. Maintaining optimal levels of driving comfort helps optimize kinematics wheels of progress at work suspension.

Steering reechnogo type of amplifier is relatively high for Car SUV ratio: 3.42 turns from lock to lock, through the which provides good maneuverability model Dodge Nitro - minimum turning diameter is 11.1 m. The total

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