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Jeep trial in Crocus-Expo 19 May 2007!

Jeep-trial - is the youngest and the most extreme motor sport discipline. The essence of competition is to overcome unimaginable obstacles on a specially prepared cars. Concrete blocks, rocks, unthinkable for steepness rises and descents - all of this trail jeep trial. This sport in our country has gained official status in 2003 when he was the first championship of Russia. In Europe, the sport has existed for a long time, and every year a European Championships, our athletes who first visited in the past year.

Jeep-trial - is always a colorful show, provoking a storm of emotions among spectators and fans. The audience was particularly fond of when drivers make mistakes, and the car flying upside down, performing spectacular coups.

in the jeep trial traditionally small number of participants. This - the strongest athletes spend a lot of time to build the machines and training to drive in three-dimensional space. Their skill is amazing and admirable.

Ground Crocus Expo - is not the first time the participants met the Russian championship. This is the most accessible place in Russia, where the audience can almost see the point of Moscow and the best of the best of their ability. Championship will take place in one day, for several hours. Arrivals athletes will be accompanied by music and commentary leading professional help to understand what's happening.

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