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Off-road model of Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Outlander

medium SUV Mitsubishi Outlander combines abolition manageability, and excellent off-road visibility, reach due to high landing driver. Outlander is equipped with a 2 liter engine (136 hp) or 2.4 liter (160 hp), a mechanical 5-st. or adaptive Automatic INVECS-II Sports Mode. Cost models range from $ 27390 to $ 35690.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL

Outlander XL - stylish medium SUV, which allows feel confident in any driving conditions. The new 3 liter (220 hp) in the Combined with the new 6-band Automatic provide impressive dynamic characteristics, and is wonderfully equipped and spacious cabin makes it convenient to travel long distances. Outlander XL is available to buyers at a price of $ 39490 to $ 44990.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

in asset SUV Pajero Sport - high ground clearance, a courageous design of the front, as well as simple and elegant body, which absolute confidence in the capabilities of this machine. Pajero Sport is equipped with 3 l (170 hp) gasoline engine and 2.5 liter (100 hp) in combination with turbodizelem 5-speed or 4 INC band PTC INVECS-II. Transmission Easy Select 4WD provides high off-road features of the model, the cost of which ranged from $ 29650 to $ 39490.

Mitsubishi Pajero

fourth-generation SUV Mitsubishi Pajero - this new design of the body and the interior, the new range of engines, advanced equipment and security systems, more effective braking system, as well as advanced transmission Advanced Super Select 4WD (SS4-II), providing the best off-road performance in its class. Pajero fitted with a new 3.8 liter gasoline engine (250 hp) with Automatic INVECS-II Sports Mode, and the diesel engine, 3.2 liters (165 hp) for which is also available 5-st. ICIE. Price models range from $ 49,990 to $ 60,990.

Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200 is a stylish, sporting design, excellent dynamics and high levels of comfort, and impressive off-road qualities. For the first time received a multi-L200 2.5 transmission of Super Select 4WD legendary Pajero. New and powerful acceleration diesel engine volume 2.5 liters (136 hp) combined with 5-st. ICIE a 4-band Automatic. Cost model ranges from $ 24,990 to $ 33,490.

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