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Subaru Diesel engine

Engine absorbed all of the best properties of horizontal oppozitnogo structure of the engine: the high reliability, low noise and vibration that allowed to abandon the balancing shaft in the design. Also important notice that the engine has a compact size and can be applied in modern cars Subaru/Subaru without additional changes podkapotnogo space.

diesel engine combined with proprietary technology, full of drive Subaru/Subaru is a balanced solution. More torque of the diesel engine in the coupe with an excellent controllability, which has a symmetrical full drive Subaru/Subaru (AWD) determine the characteristics of unsurpassed command and control over the vehicle, regardless of speed and covering the roadway. This

motor vehicles on the European market will be completed, starting in 2008, and in May of this year will be announced by the detailed technical characteristics of the diesel engine Subaru/Subaru . In Russia

cars Subaru/Subaru with a diesel engine appear as well as in Europe in 2008.

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