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General Motors at the 4WD Salon 2007

company "General Motors" will present at the 4WD Salon 2007 as their new items, and the Russians have favorite cars. On the stand will be presented novelties luxury brands - Cadillac and NUMMER - this is the second-generation Escalade, updated Cadillac SRX, and the HUMMER H3 c new 3.7 liter engine. Chevrolet and Opel will show new crossovers Captiva and Antara. A place of honor on the stand will HUMMER H2 and Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Cadillac Escalade - the flagship model line Cadillac. The new Escalade is more finesse, perfection of style, enhanced functional properties and recognizable form. Zest the car - a new 301-kilowatt 6.2-liter V-8 engine block and head block of aluminum alloy and the system of variable valve timing (VVT), which provides impressive power - 409 horsepower, and, of course, a new, effective 6 -- speed automatic gearbox. The new Cadillac Escalade is more spacious and luxurious interior and unique style.

Cadillac SRX is the first luxurious crossover stylistic philosophy and embodies the brand Cadillac, based on the application of strict lines, sharp edges, voluminous rear combination lamps, the powerful head lights vertically arranged light and classical V-shaped grille in the spirit of Cadillac. Preserving the unique appearance and perfect handling characteristics, SRX 2007 the first model is the significant changes in interior design, which appear to use more flexible materials, new buttons and controls, set flush with the surface as well as increased volume in the clothing departments. An updated model of SRX interior gives the feeling of a new quality finish, good ergonomics and luxury, while maintaining the functionality of the car. Now

model SRX is offered with an expanded number of power units. 4.6-liter, 32-valve engine V-8 Northstar has been significantly revised for the first time for a family of engines installed longitudinally at the Northstar-wheel versions. This high-tech engine develops maximum power of 239 kW (325 hp) at 6500 min and maximum torque of 427 Nm at 4400 min. Increasing opportunities have become more accessible through new, more «responsive» and efficient 6-speed automatic gearbox. Power plant

3.6 liter V-6 VVT develops maximum power of 190 kW (258 hp) at 6500 min, and maximum power of 339 Nm at 2700 min. This engine is distinguished cylinder block with the collapse of 60 њ and the double-top distribution shafts (DOHC), 24-valve, electronic control throttle changed phase timing, multipoint fuel injection, two-stage distribution chain drive shaft, a block and the cylinder head of aluminum alloy and forged steel crankshaft. With this engine agregatiruetsya five-speed automatic transmission. Besides the fact that this engine can be mounted on the Full power version, now it can be seen on the rear wheel drive versions, offered at attractive prices.

The model HUMMER H3 reflects the authentic look of HUMMER vehicles at a reduced scale, and their functionality. Compared with the model HUMMER H2, car H3 at 39 mm shorter to 171 mm below and 73 mm already. Almost the same length as the large family sedans, H3 is able to properly fit into the urban traffic, while maintaining the unique features of HUMMER car to overcome the ups and off-road. Designed for the world market, the model has acquired the unique features of the canonical styles of automobiles HUMMER, a new interior design, 5-cylinder row 180-kilowatt ( 244 l . Pp.) engine 3,7 l Vortec. For the first time for cars HUMMER offers manual or automatic gearbox and a system of permanent full drive.

At the beginning of its existence, the model HUMMER was a class of its own cars with brutal appearance and abilities, which are not attempted, none of the competitors. The newest page stories brand, which promotes the success of the first cars HUMMER - model HUMMER H3, was established to meet the world market of luxury cars - is designed for everyday use.

HUMMER H2 - a car that has no more than comparable with charisma and an unforgettable brutal design. Each of his appearance on the road - this event. Engine Vortec 6000 V8, with output of 321 hp at 5200 rpm. and Max torque 488 Nm at 4000 rpm. The system of permanent full drive with electronically controlled. 5-lever rear suspension with variable stiffness cylindrical springs and air suspension (as an option). Protivobuksovochnaya system TCS + TC2. Protection of the sump with the logo of H2. Wheels 17H8, 5 of aluminum alloy and vsedorozhnye tire rim protection and triple sidewalls. Stereo system with CD-disc player and 8 speakers BOSE. Here are a few distinctive features of the legendary HUMMER H2.

New Opel Antara , combines dynamic, elegant design and smart the whole drive (at base), allows Opel again to claim a leadership role among manufacturers and models of SUV crossovers. High five Opel Antara appeared as a result of "projection" on the reality series production impressive 3-door concept Kára Antara GTC, which met rapturous reception at the International Motor IAA 2005 .

Antara boasts handling passenger models, a spacious interior with external compact, innovative equipment (for example, the rear luggage carrier "Flex-Fix"), functionality and higher planting the driver and passengers. Full power (4x4) Antara, perfectly suitable for daily trips and recreational activities, will ckoro from Russian dealers.

Tough, committed, and sports - these are terms that give a correct picture of the design model of Chevrolet Captiva. This crossover combines the strength of the car class and elegance Sedan SUV middle class. It offers two gasoline engines. The basic version has a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder cylinder power unit with the two upper distribution shafts. It develops maximum power of 136 hp and a maximum torque of 220 Nm. A more robust version is complete with 3.2-liter engine V6 power of 230 hp (maximum torque 297 Nm). Transmission Chevrolet Captiva requires only 100 milliseconds, so that if necessary, connect the drive to the rear wheels. All power, steady engine of the vehicle, is transmitted to its wheels, even when driving on steep bends, or on a slippery surface, as well as starting on the rise.
Chevrolet Captiva will be made of assembly kits for the new production base of General Motors in Shushary under St. Petersburg. The plant will be operational in late 2008 with initial proizoditelnostyu 25 thousand cars per year. While the production is at a temporary production facility, located in St. Petersburg. At these facilities from assembly kits annually collected more than 4 thousand cars.

the concept Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a long tradition and experience in the production of
Chevrolet SUVs. A powerful 4.2-liter 6-cylinder
24-valve engine with the cylinder block of aluminum alloy is
level jobs and an impressive torque. In urban settings

TrailBlazer has amazing speed and maneuverability.
Turning radius of a large SUV compared with those of many
performance cars - only 11.2 m. The car combines
an outstanding dynamic performance, high efficiency, comfort and controllability
with excellent off-road properties . A powerful and roomy SUV
, embodied the many original design solutions.
Impressive front part, 17-inch wheels create an original and memorable appearance

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