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GM at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006

General Motors / General Motors provides for «Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006» a number of new products, which positions the company in the Russian market should be strengthened. Two

SUV, two new sedan, convertible, sports cars, city car - 8 new machines - 8 Russia's Prime Minister. It seems that the company General Motors / < STRONG> General Motors and really decided to hit the positions of competitors, even not in the same segment. Cadillac/Cadillac put in the course of heavy equipment and struck by the SUV presented Cadillac Escalade/Cadillac Eskalayd with the V8 engine of 6.2 liters volume capacity of 403 hp The car will appear at dealers in December of this year and one month General Motors / General Motors is planning to implement the 40 SUVs Cadillac Escalade/Cadillac Eskalayd . In 2007, the company promises to sell such machines 150-180. At the front

sedans Cadillac/Cadillac attacks the luxurious and powerful Cadillac BLS/Cadillac BLS , which was first presented at last year's motor show in Frankfurt. The car is complete with three petrol engines: 2.0T (175 hp), 2.0TS (210 bhp), 2.8T (255 hp) and a mechanical or automatic gearbox. Its sales start in October 2006.

Mark Chevrolet / Chevrolet is also aimed potesnit competitor in the class of SUVs and sedans. Its premiere at the motor show were: Chevrolet Captiva/Chevrolet Kaptiva - SUV, for the production of which is General Motors / General Motors specially built plant near St. Petersburg and Chevrolet Epica/Chevrolet Epic - spacious and comfortable sedan, which was the first model of Chevrolet / Chevrolet with a transversely located cylinder 6-cylinder engine. For Russia Captiva/Kaptiva will be offered with engines volume of 2.4 liters. and 3.2 liters. Chevrolet Epica/Chevrolet Epic will be equipped with 24-valve 2.0-and 2.5-liter engines. Sales Chevrolet Captiva/Chevrolet Kaptiva and Epica/Epic to start in November 2006.

in the battle for the sky comes coupe-cabriolet Opel Astra TwinTop/Opel Astra TvinTop , the metal roof which consists of three folding sections. The car has a stylish design, full of four seats, large trunk, and the current level of passive safety to active protection system with rollover. Also in Opel Astra TwinTop/Opel Astra TvinTop to use innovative technology «Easy Load», helping to easily retrieve items in the baggage compartment in the folding roof. By clicking gently laid in the trunk of the roof is lifted by 25 centimeters, which greatly facilitates the process of loading and unloading the car. Opel Astra TwinTop/Opel Astra TvinTop is equipped with four engines: 1.6 liter (105 hp), 1.8 liters. (140 hp), 2.0 Turbo (170 hp) and 2.0 Turbo (200 hp). Prices start from $ 29 490. In

segment city car debuted < EM> Opel Corsa/Opel Korsa the fourth generation. The car is sporty and dynamic design of the outside and inside, a lot of innovative technologies, two types of body: 3 - and 5-door ИЕФЮВЕЛ (design varies), as well as a wide range of engines: 1.0 liters (60 hp), 1.2 l (80 hp) and 1.4 liters (90 hp). Opel Corsa/Opel Korsa a new generation will go on sale in October 2006. And the price of the car will start from $ 11 990.

And finally, for fans of sports cars for the first time in Russia General Motors / General Motors represents the charged Opel Astra OPC/Opel Astra OPC and Opel Vectra OPC/Opel Vectra OPC , which is engaged in the production of OPC (Opel Performance Center) - an independent subsidiary company within the Opel / Opel . Strength, emotional, sporty design, high technology and corporate blue is the business card of the vehicles.

addition of the new products on stand General Motors / General Motors to learn about the other cars, which make up the brand portfolio of brands.

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