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Mercedes-Benz at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006

When we talk about cars - the first brand that emerges in the memory - it is certainly, < EM> Mercedes-Benz / a Mercedes-Benz . Legendary brand, legendary cars. Name that all of its essence implies a standard of quality, style and safety. German automakers introduced in «Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006» a number of new products - CL 500, GL 500, R 63, S 500 and E 350.

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated prime Moscow International Motor Show 2006 - the new masterpiece from the Mercedes-Benz / a Mercedes-Benz - CL 500. A few weeks before the Paris Salon in Moscow hosts the world premiere of the perfect super-coupe class «luxury», thus underlining the importance of the Russian market for Mercedes-Benz / a Mercedes-Benz . Designed in the best traditions of the German mark, the car is equipped with a 388-mi strong engine, thus marking a 100 km/h is achieved in a 5.4 seconds, a system of preventive protection of the driver and passengers of Pre-Safe allows honorably withdraw from the non-standard situation road.

second most important prime minister - is, without a doubt, the new GL-Class. Mercedes-Benz GL/Mercedes-Benz GL was created to conquer. Decent descendant of the legendary car G-class/STRONG> , which gained its luxurious interior, a new line of powerful and reliable engines, and an unprecedented level of security.

Of course, one can not mention yet another Russian Prime - Mercedes-Benz R63/Mersedets Benz R63 . Berne Maylander, the pilot of the machine safety world championship in the class of Formula-1, in person argues that this is the car that he wants to hold off the race track. The man, who lives in a world of technology and the fastest cars in the world wants to go on this car - it is about something said. The level of dynamics, comfort and safety R - Class establishes conclusive criteria for the car today.

Dmitry Makarov,
Source: Auto-Dealer . ru .

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