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Lexus at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006

Japanese company Lexus / Lexus is well known for our customer. Lexus / Lexus has always pleased the Russians by their novelty. Let's be the first hybrid car introduced in Russia Lexus RX 400h/Lexus RX 400h .

At the Moscow International Motor on the bench Lexus / Lexus is also not without prime. For the first time in Europe was presented Lexus LS 460L/Lexus LS 460L . Lexus LS 460L/Lexus LS 460L flagship lineup the company and is a vivid embodiment of the brand values of Lexus / Lexus . Expressive appearance, the highest level of comfort all harmoniously combined in the new Lexus LS 460L/Lexus LS 460L . The car has developed a philosophy of L-finesse, which has already been reflected in the new Sedan GS .

is worth special note that the stand was represented by a version which is proposed for Russia.

According to Tomoaki Nisitani : "The new LS lays the foundation for further growth and brand development Lexus / Lexus in Russia. And he is convinced that the dignity of LS 460L will be highly appreciated by customers. "

Rodion Baranov,
Source: Auto-Dealer . ru .

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