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Mitsubishi at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006. 15 years of cordial relations, decent partnership, integrity and love of Mitsubishi brand cars from the company Rolf could not remain unnoticed by Mitsubishi Motors, and it meets the same

Mitsubishi at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006.

15 years of sincere, decent partnership, integrity and love of the vehicle Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi on the part of the company Rolf can not go unnoticed Mitsubishi Motors / Mitsubishi Motors , and it meets the same.

Thanks to the efforts of Rolf , Russia today is the largest market in Europe for the sale of automobiles Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi and ahead of countries such as Germany and Spain. As a dealer network Rolf includes 85 dealers centers in 63 cities of Russia, the turnover of billions of dollars, while the number of cars sold steadily approaching the 100 mark 000. per year. In this regard, Mitsubishi Motors / Mitsubishi Motors decided to separate from Russia in the European region in which the most recent news the company will appear much earlier than held its European premiere. And how should these new items, Mitsubishi Motors / Mitsubishi Motors addresses, listening to the opinion of its partner companies Rolf . And the first fruits of the two companies together can be seen on the stand Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi to «Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006» .

Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant . A car specially prepared for Russian buyers. Work on adapting the car to the Russian conditions were one and a half years, resulting in Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant was made 308 changes. It can be regarded as a European premiere. However, despite this, in Europe Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant will not be sold.

Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant the ninth generation to Russia is complete with 4-cylinder 16-valve engine volume of 2.4 liters, running at 92 petrol. By car buyers offered in two equipment Intense and Instyle. At Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant distributed factory 3 year warranty, and mezhservisny mileage is 15 thousand km. Purchase Mitsubishi Galant/Mitsubishi Galant you can today in the salons of official dealers.

future direction of sports car design concept indicates Mitsubishi Concept X/Mitsubishi Concept X . The dynamic silhouette, expressive grille, new technologies and the development of Mitsubishi Motors / Mitsubishi Motors found in the vehicles used. At Mitsubishi Concept X/Mitsubishi Concept X a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with two upper shafts distribution system, MIVEC, TURBOCOMPRESSOR of the world's first series magnesium turbine and the intermediate cooling air. Also on the concept car a 6-speed semiautomatic transmission.

Mitsubishi Concept-EZ/Mitsubishi Concept-EZ - this vision by Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi future without gasoline. Odnoobemnik Concept-EZ/Concept-EZ is equipped with a full drive, but its uniqueness is that the car has four eletrodvigatelya built into each wheel. Power of electric motors comes from a lithium-ion battery. Total engine power of 80 kW (110 hp).

And do not overlook the sport utility vehicle from Mitsubishi / Mitsubishi - Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution 2 +2/Mitsubishi Pajero Evolyushn 2 +2 , design of the body which has the prototype for L200 a new generation.

Denis Filatov,
Source: autoRATING.ru

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