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Volkswagen at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006

no less from their competitors, so zealously in rvanuvshih segment coupe-cabriolet, which until this moment remains a niche, Volkswagen / Volswagen presented at «MMAS-2006» his car, which is unique in many ways thanks to its metal roof, which consists of five parts and the emerging embedded hoisting sliding glass hatch. Luxury coupe-cabriolet - this is the main premiere Volkswagen / Volswagen on «Moscow International Automobile Salon-2006 » , and it tied the views of all visitors to the stand the company.

Also on the stand Volkswagen presents:

  • Touareg V6 3.0 TDI Individual/Touareg V6 3.0 TDI Individual (165 kVt/225 HP)
  • Passat 2,0 TFSI/Passat 2,0 TFSI (147 kVt/200 HP)
  • Passat Variant V6 3.2 4 Motion/Passat Variant V6 3.2 4 Motion (184 kVt/250 HP)
  • Golf GTI 2.0 TFSI DSG/Golf GTI 2.0 TFSI DSG (147 kVt/200 HP)
  • Jetta 2,0 TDI DSG/Getty 2,0 TDI DSG (103 kVt/140 HP)
  • Golf Plus 1,6 MT/Golf Plus 1,6 MT (75 kVt/102 HP)
  • New Beetle 1,8 T/New Beetle 1,8 T (110 kVt/150 HP)
  • Phaeton V8 Individual/Individual Faeton V8 (246 kVt/335 HP)
  • California 2,5 TDI Highline/California 2,5 TDI Highline (96 kVt/130 hp)

Exposure to the open area consists of commercial vehicles:

  • Caddy Kombi 1,6 MT/Kaddi estate 1,6 MT (75 kVt/102 hp), the hidden booking
  • Caddy Kasten 1,4 MT/Kaddi Kasten 1.4 MP (55 kVt/75 hp), the refrigerator
  • Transporter T5 Kombi 1,9 TDI/Transporter T5 Combi 1,9 TDI (77 kVt/104 hp), to transport people with reduced mobility
  • Transporter T5 Chassis 2,5 TDI/Transporter T5 Chassis 2,5 TDI (96 kVt/130 hp), evacuator

The main innovation of the open area became Volkswagen Crafter 2,5 TDI/Krafter 2,5 TDI (100 kVt/138 hp), the official sale of which are scheduled for beginning of 2007.

Denis Filatov,
autoRATING.ru .

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