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Volvo at the Moscow International Motor Show 2006

Swedish car Volvo / Volvo in the world is considered a symbol of safety, reliability and quality. In cars of this brand combines the latest technology and Scandinavian design.

the brightest premiere of Volvo / VOLVO will undoubtedly become a new Volvo S80/Volvo S80 . The car business class called «intelligent luxury». Volvo S80/Volvo S80 surprisingly comfortable, and even the most exacting requirements of the buyer without a doubt will be satisfied. Admire Volvo S80/Volvo S80 can be infinite, but as the saying goes, better to see once than to hear 100 times. Moreover, such a possibility now you have.

Another premiere Volvo XC90 Sport/Volvo HS90 Sports . It was created for fans of sporty driving. Special settings of suspension, sports steering wheel and the handle of CAT, the seat, equipped with additional lateral support ... - and that's not all that underlines the sporting spirit Volvo XC90 Sport/Volvo HS90 Sports . In addition to the entire car is equipped with Eight-cylinder petrol engine V8, which is quite powerful, but at the same time economical.

also stand visitors will see an updated version of one of the most popular models Volvo S60/Volvo S60 , for youth and fervent compact Volvo S40/Volvo S40 , a prestigious and rapidly Volvo XC90 Executive/Volvo HS90 Ekskutiv , which is the pinnacle of evolutionary models Volvo / Volvo .

Rodion Baranov,
Source: Auto-Dealer.ru .

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